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When cancer first touched our lives in February 2010 we quickly realized that we could not fight it alone. It was then we decided to let anyone who wanted to help us in a positive way to join our fight. Many, many people, organizations and hospitals joined in. Please join Team Ryan as we continue our fight. Join the Team and get involved. Send us your ideas and thoughts on how to help support Team Ryan. Walks, runs, swims, bikes, golf outings, poker tournaments , hockey games, color runs, t shirt sales, wrist ban sales are just some of the ways to raise awareness and money for cancer research.

Three ways you can make a difference and join the fight against pediatric cancer are:

1) Spread the word about Team Ryan and encourage others to help.

2) Make a donation of any kind.

3) Chair/host an event or fundraiser such as a walk, run, golf outing, auction,  wine tasting, yard sale, school event, sporting event, party or any other social event you can think of to raise awareness and money. We will be happy to help guide you , speak at your event and encourage others to support you.

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